Rad Mix 2019 – Week 27 (02/07/19)

There are some weeks where the sheer amount of amazing new music means I spend half of my time trying to decide what NOT to put in my playlist, rather than what to put in! Any tracks that don’t make the weekly lists appear in the monthly playlists!
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun are all here, as well as a ‘best of‘ that I collate as I go. Phew. Onto this amazing week of music!

My blogging has been suffering due to lack of sleep, but my Spotify playlist has been updated this week with ten fantastic new tunes.
The return from L-FRESH The LION is absolute 🎖, Ali Barter gets autobiographical with her first ❤ song, HANDSOME creates another snappy and catchy piece of pop 🗑, The first taste of Endrey‘s new album comes with bonus Citizen Kay and it’ll sink you 🚢, annie hamilton serves up a bold, but bright new one 🔪, IVEY will have you shaking yours 👯‍♂️, Serina Pech shows off a voice that you’d go North for 👩‍🎤, Gena Rose Bruce released an album that’s worth falling into 🏖, Sui Zhen takes you on a tour of her Perfect Place 💛 and Grenade Jumper wrap it all up with a succinct piece of power pop. 🌵

Alchemy – LFresh the LION
Ali Barter – Backseat
Delete You – HANDSOME
Lusitania – Endrey (ft. Citizen Kay)
Kitchen – Annie Hamilton
Bodies – Ivey
Sing Your Own Song – Serina Pech
Logan’s Beach – Gena Rose Bruce
Perfect Place – Sui Zhen
Gazed – Grenade Jumper

(Spotify playlist updates with the latest week, each week)
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