Rad Mix 2019 – Week 19 (07/05/19)

It always impresses me how prolific musicians are sometimes. Gone are the days of releasing an album, five singles and then waiting three years for the next one. The age of the album is fading slowly (sadly) with EPs and one-off singles becoming a lot more popular, but even the albums that are being dropped are often only 18-24 months since the last one. I’ll never complain about the amount of music I get to listen to, but I appreciate the effort that goes into every release. We’re back to 100% local this week with ten exciting new Australian releases!

Alpine are back! After exploding onto the scene with A If For Alpine in 2012, they backed it up with Yuck three years later. Following the sad announcement that singer, Lou James, will be leaving the group (no more dueling vocals!), the group have released their first track in four years, Dumb. Inspired by the izakayas of Osaka, this track retains the ultra-smooth vibe we love from the Melbourne group. Move your body slow and bathe in the warm returning glow of Alpine.

A brand new EP, a fire song and a huge video. Birdz is coming in hot with Place of Dreams and opening track, Black Child. With accompaniment from Mojo Juju and a clip featuring Kaiit and Alice Skye, Birdz brings out the big hitters for this sweet new release. Not to mention the glitterati production on this EP. Trials, Nooky, James Mangohig and Papertoy have all had their hands on this one and it’s resulted in an EP that showcases this kick-arse talent in story-telling and rapping. Described as “a good balance between highlighting harsh realities and sharing a message of hope and empowerment“, Birdz doesn’t shy away from the big issues and deserves your attention and a bit of a dance while you’re at it

When it comes to top voices in this country, you should be including Kaiit in your list. With a vocal that will turn your head and keep you entranced, she has made a name for herself as a live performer you need to see. New track, Miss Shiney, continues her journey of releasing songs that get under your skin and just stay there. A fly as hell beat, a slow honey-like groove that will make your move and THAT VOICE. It’s her first release since the excellent Live From Her Room EP of last year and points towards an exciting time ahead.

One group that are making 2019 their own is Body Type. With EP2, they have released a set of five tracks that will help catapult them worldwide. Uma is a slow-burner of a track, exploring a myriad of voices, a pulsing beat and that meandering guitar they’ve become known for. I’m looking forward to their live shows around the country in July after they’ve finished their domination of the UK.

My initiation to These New South Wales was their satirical web docu-series that had the side effect of making you think they could be a joke band. In fact, the boys are very clever actors, talented musicians and have created a brand new track, Nerve 2 Reverse that proves they are definitely not a joke. This pumping little 2 minute punk-rock track smells a little bit like The Kaiser Chiefs with it’s shouty chorus and progression, but it’s an exciting return and feels like the start of a new chapter for the Sydney four-piece.

The golden syrup voice of Sarah Corry returns as leftprojects release another sweet track in I’ve Got It. What improves on the combo of the talented singer and producer, Jono Graham? The addition of Jackie Onassis singer, Kai. Swooooon. This track is gorgeous as hell, bounces around your head delightfully and again steps up their game, proving with every release that they’re only getting better. If you’re in Sydney, get down to the Sly Fox on Friday night. You’re in for a treat.

Speaking of smooth, the vocal of Billy Fox will have you sliding unencumbered around the room. The sweet high pitched vocal dances over his own production and create a luscious mix for your ears. The Sydney artist has released an EP (Lung, a long seven-tracker) of music that explores a salad of sounds, samples, horns and electronica that sets him apart from your average producer and songwriter. In Blistered, you get the feeling that the combination has been selected just right with the right balance of melancholy and euphoria.

Oh yeah, they’re back! The cream of the Canberra hip-hop crop, D’Opus & Roshambo have returned after a few years away with a track that will crawl into your ear, make you move and never leave, not that you’ll want it to; it’s that good. Blunt Razor, the opening track from a brand new 4-track EP, Mind Right, is probably the smoothest of the new tracks and I love the production from Ross Garrett (D’Opus) as the keys build and envelope you from the start. Rowan Thomson (Roshambo), with his old-school style, winds it way around the beat expertly and just brings this whole thing together. So great to have the boys back and looking forward to seeing a live version soon.

The Bug Song from Whalehouse is just fun as hell. “My shoe is bigger than you and it’s 100% effective,” screams Zoe Wilson, lead singer of this Brisbane three-piece punk band . Yup, this song is about squishing your local cockroach and rocking out at the same time. I caught Whalehouse at BIGSOUND in 2017 and damn they were fun to watch live. Non-stop action, fly as fuck moves and a sound that will have you wanting to smile and get sweaty. Find a bug, bung this song on and get squishing!

Rounding out the playlist this week is a rocking new Western Australian act called The Wolfbats and their second ever track, Set Fire. The tight intro riff caught my ear straight away and I love the vocal from Elise Hudspith that kicks this track off and belts out the chorus. They’ve been supporting Trophy Eyes on some shows and look set to break-out around the country before too long.

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