Rad Mix 2019 – Week 16 (16/04/19)

There are some artists, that when they release new music, I am listening to it as soon as humanly possible. We used to rely on radio stations to play new music, which is still relevant for premieres and the like, but if you missed that play, you were clinging on, waiting for the next one. With music streaming, we have the amazing ability to listen to that brand new track literally seconds after it’s released. It’s something we all take for granted, but it’s a very cool thing.

Artists too get to receive that feedback instantaneously, which is very different to the days of old. This week, there were at least 4 or 5 tracks that I was busting to hear as soon as I knew they were released. I’d be keen to hear which particular artists you love that you have to hear as soon as new music is released. Hit me up!

I love the way Citizen Kay goes about releasing his music. Firstly, he tightly controls the machinations of his art. He records himself, he chooses his collaborators with care, he decides the direction of his videos and he stands by his work. So, whenever something new is released, you know that the artist himself is pulling the strings. Ego, the first new track since 2017’s Belly of the Beast is a joyous and up-beat jam of a track with a little bit of funk, a little bit of strings (is that Daft Punkyness I hear?), some horns and a whole lot of fun. It’s all part of the vision that the Canberran has; combining his love of a variety of genres into music that can bring everyone together. Also, check out the clip and the creation of the ‘Soul Defender’. AMAZING.

As the new Little May album, Blame My Body gets closer (3rd of May!), we have been drip-fed new tracks over the last six months and this week we get to bask in the final track before release, As Loving Should. And when I say bask, I mean, think warm Stevie Nicks vibes. The voice of Hannah Field is raw, but warm, as she sings about hitting the bottle a bit too much after a turbulent relationship. A hazy mix of acoustic, electric and fuzz that infiltrates the mind. So far, every song from the new single has been a little bit different, exploring a few new directions, which I am sure will all be explained when the anticipated album is released in a couple of weeks.

I, chose the bottle over you too many times
No more empty promises, this body is mine

There are a number of punk groups in Australia right now vying for that crown of being the most loved, but the cream is starting to rise to the top. One of those sitting pretty is West Thebarton. They’ve progressed from being a thrashy garage-punk band with a local following to a nationally loved band that still make rocked-up punk, but in a common vein right now, know how to touch on sensitive issues. Tops explores that feeling where you should be feeling great and living in the moment, but you find yourself focusing on the negatives instead. We’ve all been there. Ultimately though, this is another fucking great song with a story, a great beat and that the voice of Reverend Ray that screeches and wails with melodic precision.

Last Friday was a big day for Tanya Batt (aka BATTS). She released her debut album, The Grand Tour, that has been years in the making and in turn will truly propel her skyward. We’ve had a few tastes of the album already and there are many amazing cuts, but Overstayed Your Welcome is a perfect way to introduce yourself if you haven’t already. The concept album is based around NASA’s Voyager I mission and each song, not only transports you into an interstellar orbit with her beautifully airy voice and cosmic guitar, but samples of actual audio from the Voyager craft take you along for the ride into outer space. I recommend listening to this album from start to finish and letting it wash over you.

It’s not often I include a big international act in my playlist, but I just couldn’t resist it this week. I’ve always felt that Silversun Pickups have not been picked up by Australians as much as they should have been. Every since their crazy-good albums 2006’s Carnavas (look up Lazy Eye) and Swoon (just listen to it all), I’ve been keenly listening, re-listening and patiently waiting for each release. They rarely disappoint and new song, It Doesn’t Matter Why is perfect SSPU. It has some ‘Swoon-like’ quirk in it. That opening is exciting, the exploration of sounds throughout the song is evident and as always they retain the pumping verse, the melodic chorus and schmick as hell production. Widow’s Weeds is out on the 7th of June via their own label, New Machine Recordings. PUMPED!

They went down as one of my favourites from 2018 and they’re already back! Press Club are visceral, energetic and very bloody good, whether it be in a recording or live. Get Better, their first song since the excellent album of last year, Late Teens, steps it up by trying something new. The rhythmic speed changes, the melodic diversity and a mid-song break-down drive this 2:46 song that seems to pack a lot into its short length. As always, singer, Natalie Foster’s voice nails it and the video clip just inspires me to get down to their upcoming tour and get sweaty as fuck.

Continuing on the sweaty vein, Amyl & The Sniffers have been taking over the world recently. Not only did they win $30k in the latest Levi’s Prize, but they killed it at SXSW and on their very recent tour around the US and Europe. There’s no stopping them as they’ve also announced a deal with Flightless Records (King Gizz’s label) through whom they will be releasing their self-titled debut album on the 24th of May. Got You is typical Amyl. 2:18 of bass-driven irreverent, fun, punk-rock, which interestingly they describe as the least punky on the album. Makes me wonder what the rest is like.. 🤔

Despite having one of the best/worst (depending on who you talk to) band names in Australia, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets make pumping psych-rock that doesn’t feel the need to last more than 3 and a half mins. Yeah, I know they have some long songs, but I do like a quick one now and then. Bill’s Mandolin has a sweet backstory about lead singer, Jack McEwan’s, grandfather’s mandolin that he carried around Europe on tour without a case. See if you can pick it up in the hectic lyrics of the track! Album, And Now For The Whatchamacallit’, is out 31st of May. Mad track.

EP2 is coming from Body Type and it’s highly anticipated after the excellent Stingray was released last month . Free To Air continues that theme with it’s breezy guitar, low-key vocals and cool as hell vibe. Letting their music wash over you as you sway to the rhythm is probably the best way to take it in. I love that it transports me to a younger time, the harmonies are perfect and the garage-sound is just what my tinnitus ears need to hear sometimes. I’m looking forward to their new EP, out 3rd May. It’s time for the world to discover these Sydney ladies.

I will never hide my love of old-school grunge and The Dead Love bring it to the surface. Anyway is their latest single and it’s a 3 minute package of slow-burning guitar rock. It makes you want to stamp around your house yelling with passion. It makes you want to be moshing in a dark band room with 50 other people, getting sweat in your eyes and bruises on your shoulders. The Sydney boys are riding high after signing deals left, right and centre, including with LA’s Adventure Cat Records.

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