MickRad’s Rad Mix – Week 8 – 2018

February is way too short a month, but we are not short of music! This week’s playlist gives you a little bit of soul, a little bit of sludgy rock, a little bit of pure pop and some grinding cinematic punk-rock. Never say I’m not diverse! As has seemed to be the pattern, I have included just one international song here with so much amazing local music being released at the moment.

I could have put so many more in here though, but ten is just right. Welcome to your Tuesday dose of new music. 35 minutes. Perfect for that trip into work.


He was THE voice of BIGSOUND last year, delivering a set that I won’t forget in a hurry and now Didirri returns in 2018 with this new song and tour announcement. His songs evoke the feelings they are meant to convey in a pure, simple way. Formaldehyde is a song that touches on sadness, but ultimately uplifts and nurtures. Beautiful stuff.

They say the second album is the hardest. When Courtney Barnett released her first long-player, her life would change forever. Now, on the cusp of number two, we are treated to a new song. Nameless, Faceless is delivered in the typical laid-back style, but there’s a message behind the laconic delivery. With lyrics borrowed from Margaret Attwood and the line, “I hold my keys/Between my fingers“, this track taps into the daily fear that women live with. Oh, and featuring none other than Kim Deal (The Pixies/The Breeders) on backing vocals Tell Me How You Really Feel is out on the 18th of May.

JOY. arrived on the scene four years ago as a 17 year old and her voice caught the attention of music lovers around the country. That attention earned her industry recognition and now she arrives on the brink of stardom with a new song. Change is a minimal, beautiful track that not only shows off the pristine voice of Olivia McCarthy, but her skilled production. Her EP, Six is out on the 2nd of March followed by a mini tour of the east coast.

The group whose early comparison to Oasis could have ruined the careers of many others have risen once again with a new song that feels more mature than Oasis ever did! For people that maybe didn’t get into DMA’s early, give In The Air a go. It’s actually quite gorgeous. From their upcoming second album, For Now, this and fellow single Dawning are really nicely made songs.

If you haven’t heard of Dylan Joel, catch up! When he first came onto the rap scene around six years ago, his vibe was a bit more laid-back than others in the scene and maybe people didn’t quite get it, but since his Authentic Lemonade album of a few years ago, we’ve come to realise this guy is full of soul! Run To The River again shows off his vocal as he abandons the rapping he used to do and shows off his smoothness.

While you’re running, you’d better keep going. I saw K.Flay live at Groovin’ the Moo last year and she was a huge highlight. Blood in the Cut really launched her world-wide and with two Grammy nominations under her belt, she’s been handed the keys to the new Tomb Raider movie to come up with a song. Run For Your Life feels cinematic and is full of the drama that K.Flay does so well.

I absolutely love the new direction from Stonefield. The four Findlay sisters must have some sort of mind-meld because when they make music, it all just clicks. Moving on to Flightless Record’s (King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s own label) has really suited them and this, Far From Earth, the second cut from the upcoming third album of the same name is grimy, fuzzy and full of the pentatonic rock vibes that they’ve been brought up on. Amy’s voice soars once again as the group push for global recognition.

Out to Sydney’s South-West now, we happen across B Wise’s brand new cut from his upcoming album. The Key is another hot jam from the guy whose lyrics always tell a story just as he makes you dance your little butt off. We learn about how he ticks through his songs and it helps us feel closer to a guy that wears his heart on his sleeve. This track delivers a pumping backing, with a jazzy chorus (almost 90s-esque?) and that production is hot, because it’s done by none other than Nic Martin (aka Uno Stereo). Can’t wait for this album.

This is one song that really stood out for me this week. I’ve known The Lulu Raes for a bit, but to be honest, hadn’t REALLY listened. Then, I heard Fade Away and I’m bloody hooked. Right from the opening, I caught on with what these five dudes are dropping down. A poppy chorus with fun lyrics, but it’s that flowing riff that gets me. Melodic synth horns. That’ll do it for me. Now I’m in, show us the rest!

Finally, there’s a track that I played on my 2ser’s Wednesday Drive show that pricked my ears up. Why? Because it’s so damn Aussie. Named after our longest river, Murray Darling evokes a time when Australia was a simpler place. Starting with the line, “Well, I was laying on the banks of the Parramatta River..” was also a drawcard for me! It’s summery, driving song with a sing-a-long chorus, perfect for that road-trip to the music festival.  BJ Smith is the brains behind the rollicking little song and looks to have latched onto something good here.

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