MickRad’s Rad Mix – Week 6 – 2018

January is gone! Welcome to February! It’s still summer (Thank God!) and the music is getting hotter. This week, I go fully all over the place with tracks covering the range of genres and that’s what it’s all about, listening to as much new, different stuff as you can!

Don’t forget, my new music playlist is updated automatically with ten of the latest new track that I’ve found every Tuesday morning!

This week…

The Venus Project comes to you from Georgia Nott who you may know as half of New Zealand duo, Broods. Her and her brother are taking a little break from Broods stuff to pursue solo projects and THIS project has released Don’t Hurt, a gorgeous track recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by women.

In a complete 180 to the previous track, Cable Ties take us down the punk route with their rippling new song, Tell Them Where To Go. The visceral rhythm section really pumps this song along as singer, Jenny McKechnie’s wail launches over the top. This song, written in one rehearsal, was inspired by their work at the Girls Rock! Camps, where young girls learn instruments, write songs and start bands during a week of their holidays. Pick up your socks, boys!

We discovered Middle Kids a couple of years back and it looks like they plan to make 2018 theirs with this new track, Mistake. An long anticipated debut album is just around the corner, titled Lost Friends and dropping on the 4th of May. This song gives a little teaser to what we can expect. Hannah Joy’s voice evokes a story of hope. “You wanna make it okay..”. Middle Kids will have a huge year.

As part of the ‘Thirty Days of Yes’ campaign last year (with all proceeds going to the Marriage Equality campaign), The Teskey Brothers teased us with this track, Forever You And Me and now they have officially released it. It’s a beautifully constructed track with the now synonymous Motown vibes that the ‘brothers’ are known for. I told you this playlist was eclectic.

Which takes us to this airy new track from Flower Drums. Night Swims comes from the upcoming debut album from the Melbourne (via Perth) duo, Sunshine Terror Babies. The track contains some interesting little glitchy sounds to start, but then kicks in with the spaced-out layers and warm voice from Aden Senycia and Leigh Craft. The duo, having just moved to ‘moody’ Melbourne, sing about the daunting relocation. Will it pay off? This track is a good start.

Let’s move to some pop. This song does just that. It’s pops from the start, it’s got a deliciously colourful vibe and sing-songy verse with the gorgeous voice of Eilish Gilligan. S.M.F.Y. take Gilligan to the next level after releasing a couple of solid tracks last year including one of my favourites, teaming up with Tetrahedra for Either. This time she teams up with Japanese Wallpaper for the beats and it’s a perfect match. Catch her on the road at Secret Garden or with Woodes very soon!

We get out of Australia to head to the UK for the brand new one from psych-punk band, Hookworms. From a new album, Microshift, this track pulses along nicely, balancing between shoegaze, pop and dance enticingly.  The new album is a pulsing, rollicking journey that you really should check out.

If there’s a band that has a rollicking journey, it’s Sydney’s Rackett. Line-up changes, big support gigs, shaved heads and huge accolades for their live show have pushed this all-girl rock group to all sorts of publicity, but they let their music do the talking with new single, Alive. It’s not your straight ahead four to the floor rock this time. It’s a song with some texture and interesting progressions. Always love to see what they’re up to!

Let’s finish off this list with a couple of Canberrans, shall we? Moaning Lisa is a great band name (Thank you The Simpsons!), but this band are damn great as well. Carrie (I Want a Girl) launches this all-girl group into the new year with an accessible, powerful and well written newbie. Dedicated to “all the straight dudes who (still) try to hot on them as shows, but more so to every queer woman/nb/gnc SIMPLY FOR EXISTING”, this track is bristling with energy. Proving that some of the best new rock in this country comes from women, this band like having a bit of fun (check out the vid) too, which I am always in favour of, but ultimately, guys, just listen and LEARN.

To wrap up this week’s playlist, I had to include the new track from Peking Duk, because these boys can seriously do no wrong. Destined to be the biggest thing to ever come out of Canberra (are they already?), they drop this new track, Wasted. It’s a bit more of a restrained banger to what we’re used to, but none-the-less, they nail it every time. Just let yourself move and dance your booty to this one.

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