Mick’s Monday Mix #2 | Horrorshow, Babganouj, Holly Throsby

It’s time to get blogging regularly again as the new year kicks in. New music is starting to flow in and there are so many albums that I’m looking forward to this year.

Today I’m going to start with a couple of songs that have already been out for a while, but with brand new videos and a welcome return from a much loved Australian singer-songwriter.

Firstly, this is going to be a big year for Horrorshow. They have been teasing us in 2016 with a single, a tour, another single and now a video for their great song, Push, featuring Taj Ralph.

This is a beautifully made video to accompany the song. It take us to Nyngan, a small town in almost the geographical centre of NSW, and tells us about a couple of it’s residents. Solo and Adit create songs that are not just beautifully written, produced and sung, but there is always a good story or message behind.

Get lost in this clip featuring Phil and Mansi from Nyngan and learn the story of these Australians linked by their location and their dreams.

Another track that has been out for a bit, but is worth bumping cause it’s damn good and the clip is good fun.

Babaganouj, out of Brisbane, have been recording and releasing feverishly over the last year and around about to release a 3rd EP, Clarity Restored, in February. Star is the lead track from this and it’s a jangly, rocky, guitar blazing ripper. I love the unison vocals from Charles, Harriette and Ruby. It’s very reminscent of The Clouds, which is probably well overdue!

Enjoy the clip, premiered by ToneDeaf, featuring an endearing box-headed fella as he attempts to create a perfect night in with his box-headed gal. Looking forward to another EP from this band and to where they get to in 2016.

Holly Throsby is a double-threat! Not only did she release her debut novel last year (Goodwood. Yet to read it, but have heard it’s great!), but the well-known singer-songwriter has released a brand new track for 2016. It’s called Aeroplane and it’s bloody beautiful.

Taken from her upcoming 6th album, titled After A Time, Throsby has gone through a huge life-change since the last album, giving birth to a baby girl in 2015 prompting her to try her hand at novel writing.

The new album promises to give us that velvety smooth voice that we know and love from Throsby and the video, directed by Yanni Kronenberg, is a beautifully fitting return.

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