Fresh Friday #8 | New Releases Part 1: Ball Park Music – Every Night The Same Dream

I’ve been slack. Lots of life admin has been getting in the way of this blog as well as perhaps procrastination and poor time management, but this week has been so ridiculously good for music that I had to get back on the pony.

Where to start?

Ok, first. Ball Park Music are back with their brand new album, Every Night The Same Dream, out today. I’ve always been a bit of a distant fan of the band. I’ve never really gone out of my way to see them or listen to them, but what I know I like. I decided to sit down and listen to this album from start to finish.

They’ve managed to pack in an album of variety that spans psychedelia, Beatles sounding pop, King Gizz-like fuzz and melancholic indie anthems. Yes, it’s hard to nail down where they were going with this album, but as a selection of individual songs, this album is lovely.

Sub 3 minute pop bangers mixed with 5 and 7 minute productions. Pariah is a track that explores a range of emotions and pedals. Ever Since I Turned the Lights On sounds like they might have been listening to Tame Impala whilst recording. Don’t Look at Me Like That‘s chorus is classic BPM. Up-beat playful vocal delivery, but then it’s mixed with an airy electronic intro and outro. Strangely beautiful, yet very odd.

They’ve taken a retro feel to the album, including recording it on tape, bringing in flute, organ and some beautiful textures, but as an album, it’s really hard to find a theme, not that it really seems to matter in this day and age.

Great to see them back however and this album will almost certainly give them their first Australian No. 1.

8 years ago

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