Moody Monday #10 | Arian Cook – Come Down

Sorry for the break in communication. I’ve been away OS for a couple of weeks, soaking up the Irish summer. I’m back and I’m in that mood where you really don’t want to work after a holiday.

I bring you a new Moody Monday to try and help get through the Monday blues.

I found this track and played it loud and now I don’t feel so bad…

The chilled out piano. The deep bass. The flittering over the background. It really titillated my senses right when they needed titillating.

Arian Cook is a “Music producer and songwriter based in Perth”. Yes, that’s about as much as I could find out about him. He’s released this track through ‘Soda Island’ off an upcoming release ‘A Trip to Soda Island’ (out July 29).

It’s calming and very cool for a Monday, but there’s also a lot going on in there.

Sometimes you just need some nectar for the ears, and this is it.

7 years ago

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