Fresh Friday #5 | Four new videos


It’s Friday and lunch time. Why not sit back, eat some hot chips, sip on a beer and watch video clips? Sounds good right?

Well, I’ve got a selection of four hot new clips that you can catch up on this week.

Firstly, Montaigne is everywhere right now and for good reason. She’s an outstanding artist with an incredible voice, talent and visual experiance. Live and in her latest clip.

In The Dark is an eclectic song, but it shows that she is not satisfied to sit back and let music evolve around her. She’s setting the trends.

This clip is dark, a little disturbing but perfectly accompanies the song.

Omar Musa is not only a writer, poet and lyricist, he’s a damn fine rapper. Check out this video for Laksa, his latest clip featuring none-other than Horrorshow and some sweet visuals.

Great song too. A bouncing beat underlies to flow of Musa which is smooth af.

Why We Run are a terribly talented band from Sydney that you need to stop and check out. This is your chance…right now!

A Moment To Return was released late last year and it’s certifiable hit. This #BenjaminButton like video clip is very clever. Watch, as an old man revisits his past, in this Andrew Seaton directed clip.

From the US, the Silversun Pickups have been consistently releasing quality albums for years now and their latest effort, Better Nature, is a welcome return, after a small baby delivering break for bass player and singer Nikki Monninger.

This song, Circadian Rhythm, features Monninger and a more down-beat and softer Silversun Pickups than we’re used to, but it still works. Check out the glittery, mist-filled wonder…

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