Fresh Friday #4 | Man Made Mountain – Cachaca (ft. Tom Scott)

Fridays are fun when you have a new jam to listen to. That’s why it’s #FreshFriday and not #OldSlowFriday. Although, maybe #PhatFriday would work, especially when it comes to this tune.

It’s phat as hell. Man Made Mountain is the collaboration of (ARIA award winner) Billy Hoyle and vocalist Cazeaux O.S.L.O. They have already been signed to REMI’s House of Beige label and have released two tight tracks.

Cachaça (pronounced ka-sha-sa) is not only a ‘distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice’, it’s their second and latest track with a fun as video clip to go with it. Featuring Kiwi Home Brew’s front man, Tom Scott, with a mad verse, this track has a distinctively summer feel to it with a bass line that won’t quit, some hammond organ and Cazeaux’s trumpet.

Damn, it’s got everything man!

Look out for their ‘Congo Square’ EP, coming out early this year and enjoy this clip.

8 years ago

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