Tuesday Tunesday #50 | Australia – Love is Better

We’ve made it to our 50th #TuesdayTunesday here at MickRad.com!
A little idea of finding new music that I love has become a habit and that’s a great thing when there’s so much great music out there.

For our 50th edition, I present to something as Aussie as you can get. A bloody band called Australia!
I don’t know a great deal about these guys just yet, but what I’ve heard I like. Three guys recorded this on the NSW south coast; Guy Fenech, Oly Marlan and Nick Franklin. Two other members,

Wade Keighran (The Scare, Wolf and Cub) and ‘Diamond’ Joe Driver (Belles Will Ring) are also mentioned on their Unearthed profile.

This track, Love is Better (suitably fitting for Sunday’s Valentines Day) has a sweet bassy drive on it (as do their other tracks) but with an old fashioned Aussie feel to it. I am trying to pinpoint who the vocals sound like, so feel free to let me know who I am trying to think of.

It’s a great little tune and it comes from a debut album which is apparently due out next month called ‘Portraits of People, Places and Movies’.

Thanks for sticking with me for 50 episodes of #TuesdayTuneday and enjoy this tasty piece of Aussie awesomeness.

8 years ago

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