Moody Monday #9 | Sophie Lowe – Pink Flowers

You may have been watching a fantastic Australian drama on the ABC over the last month. The Beautiful Lie is not only a very good show with excellent local actors, there is very much an up and coming musical element to the production. Every episode has featured a track from Marlon Williams and the latest episode also had a great little cameo from Ali Barter. That’s before we even get to the main actors.

Sophie Lowe, who plays Kitty in the The Beautiful Lie, has been making music for some 10 years and this sweet little number that she uploaded a few weeks back is very sexy-smooth for our #MoodyMonday.

Her vocal is delicate, but definite and juxtapose the bass-heavy backing deliciously. Fall into her tracks and let that that voice glide over you.

This track, Pink Flowers really stands out for me with it’s hypnotic spirally sound. Really love the layering and production from

Neal Sutherland (worked with The Presets, PVT, Bertie Blackman and Megan Washington to name a few) on this as well.

EDIT: A video has just been released as well! Directed by Sophie and Lily Rolfe.

8 years ago

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