Tuesday Tunesday #41 | Elizabeth Rose – Division

Australia’s pool of talent bursts at the seams of this country. Sometimes this fact is not appreciated greatly enough. Now and then a talent arises that shines so bright that you can’t but watch. It is stunning.

Just over three years ago we got a glimpse of something that made us listen twice. Elizabeth Rose, a smart and well-spoken girl of diminutive stature, but standing tall with her talent. She released a sweet little EP, Crystallise and followed this up with her self-titled EP at the beginning of last year and fans have been waiting for a full-length release ever since.

Now we have a new song that is so beautiful in it’s execution and in it’s premise that we know it was worth the wait. Division is a song that starts out simply; just Elizabeth, her voice and her piano, before it builds up into a pure little chill-banger (yep. I made that up).

This song, quality aside, has a beautiful message. It coincides with a battle that some people in this country seem to be having with marriage equality. The time is now. Why the politicians continue to squabble over simple human rights is beyond me. All proceeds for this ‘pay what you want’ song go to AME (Australian Marriage Equality).

Complacent they be
But they can’t erase what should be for free
I got friends who need
Need the satisfaction of equality

Her début album is in the works. Get excited!

9 years ago

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