Hip-Hop Hump-Day #6 | The Psyde Projects – It’s the Psyde

My opinion is that Aussie hip-hop is a style all of it’s own, but then what do you call Oz hip-hop that sounds like it’s not from Oz, but from 1992 America? The Psyde Projects are just, that with a fresh bounce vibe and old-school delivery. Old-school is a fair call. These boys have been kicking it around Melbourne for around five years now and are on the eve of their new album, Classic Stellar Overdrive Part II, the second part of their cassette-released first part from 2014.

Their sound is a fusion of old and new school, harking back to the ‘golden-age’ of hip-hop and the stuff that I grew up listening to (Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, NWA). I chose this tune out of the three that they’ve put up on Unearthed cause I just love the bass and piano groove. There’s a sweet and cruisy vibe to their sound that pulls you in. No overly fancy production. The sound of vinyl runs through their tracks.

Look out for D’fro, Mr. Moonshine and iLResponce in a club near you and seek out their new album. It’s out tomorrow (4th of June)!

9 years ago

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