Tuesday Tunesday #38 | Darts – Aeroplane

I still hold a candle for guitar grunge music and every now and then we see glimpses of it returning. We’ve had Eddy Current Suppression Ring. We’ve had Peep Tempel. Now we have Darts. Another quality band to come out of Melbourne and show us the music that we used to love can have a triumphant renaissance.

I love the groove of this song, Aeroplane, from their upcoming album, Below Empty And Westward Bound. (It’s out this Friday in fact!) It’s raw and driving, but understated and kinda sweet. I’ve only heard a few glimpses from this band, but so far, they’ve really got something! It’s a simple genre, but if done well, it has the ability to evoke emotional responses. Sadness, passion,

Check out this song and their upcoming album and tour, and for god’s sake, let’s bring back grunge!

9 years ago

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