Moody Monday #5 | The Runaway Houses – Introvert

It’s Monday, I’m moody, tired and in a post-Groovin’ the Moo slump so I was looking for something to post today that suited this mood.

I wanted to find something that started softly and built up with emotion, but finished delicately and it all came back to one song. Major disclaimer time. This song is by my band, The Runaway Houses. Introvert was written by our guitarist, Bradley Lee, who had been performing the song solo before we put some backing, bass and drums into it to make it how it is today, as recorded on our EP, Automatic Romantic. (on sale now!)

It’s always stood out as a sad song to me, but with the build-up and Brad’s unique vocal, it stands out as one of my favourite tracks that we play. It’s delicate, but also emotionally charged and confident at the same time. A little bit like me today..

Take a listen and tell me it doesn’t suit a tired and emotional Monday.

9 years ago

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