Tuesday Tunesday #37 | Tim Rogers & The Bamboos – Easy

Lance Ferguson (of The Bamboos) & Tim Rogers (of You Am I) are a match made in heaven. Both are prestigiously talented musicians and whilst there is an age (and genre) gap, I think they’re very much on the same wave length.

Tim has been around the block, (probably a few times) and knows the rock n’ roll scene back to front. He knows what he likes and the music that he wants to make. Lance is the same, but comes from a funk, soul background leading the nine piece Bamboos around the block for the last 15 years.

Of course, they collaborated a few years back with I Got Burned, a cheeky little track that finally exposed The Bamboos to a wider audience through high rotation on triple j. Now, three years on, the band have held off until Rogers was available so they could create a whole album with him.

If this opening track is anything to go on, it’ll be a cracker! Easy is a driving rock/funk song with a fantastic breakdown and expert production. What else would you expect? 

This will be a fun album and a rad tour. They’re heading around the country in June/July after the release of the album, Rules of Attraction on May 22.


9 years ago

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