Hip-Hop Hump-Day #4 | Dylan Joel – Swing (Ft. Mantra & DJ Izm)


This week has become all about the bass and as a bass player, I am bloody happy about that! 

Check out this outstanding new track from Dylan Joel. He has been building up nicely to his début album with the first track, Numbers and now this follow-up, Swing. 

It starts with a walking, wandering bass-line and it moves on to a rap-battle of sorts with Mantra and a crescendo of instruments and beats. I love the old-school nature of the bass, the swing beat, the horns and the backing vocals.

The video clip takes it to another level with Joel and Mantra playing off each other for cash and a great backdrop of a painted up warehouse. It turns into an epic party with appearances from Bliss n Eso (Izm is their DJ), Grey Ghost (the director), Michelle G Hunder (photographer) and Seth Sentry. I’m sure there are some other cameos in there as well!

Dylan Joel is one of the more upbeat emcees in this country. Positive, fun beats and happy-inducing tunes. There’s a place for all sorts of hip-hop in this country which is why I love the scene so damn much. There’s something for everyone.

Dig this tune and this clip..

9 years ago

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