Moody Monday #1 | The Japanese House – Still

It’s time to expand this blog! Starting this week we will have brand new weekly posts and a brand new Facebook Page. I intend to give you new music daily. Something different every day to keep your earholes busy and happy.

#MoodyMonday will give you a track to ease your way into the week. Something not too fast and not too loud. Maybe something that will make you want to have an afternoon kip, or silently close your eyes at your desk and nod off.

Today’s Moody Monday is something completely new, completely unknown and certain to help you with the Monday arvo blues.

The Japanese House are somebody. Certainly. Who? Would you be surprised if I said her name was Amber and she’s 19 and lives in London? I didn’t think so.

Yes, anyone can make music now and yes, quite often it’s very good, but when you get played by Zane Lowe on the BBC before you’ve ever had a song, you know you’ve done something right.

Delightfully delicate with sparse, yet intricate, layers, this is a great way to start our Moody Mondays…..just don’t let the boss catch you.

9 years ago

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