Tuesday Tunesday #28 | Royal Chant – Just Trying to Meet You

Tuesday Tunesday has become a little too poppy and electronic lately, so it’s time for some good ol’ garage rock!

Royal Chant are a trio of blokes from Port Macquarie that have now made Sydney their home. They played at Brighton Up Bar last Friday, but I had a little date with Sting and Paul Simon, so I missed them.

They make straight ahead rock n’ roll, and don’t we all need a bit of that in our lives? Their previous tracks have seen clean guitars with a hazy feel (think REM) whilst pumping through some nice harmonies. (Check out Flat Feet).

This new track, Just Trying to Meet You combines a catchy chorus lick with those same clean guitars and an energetic beat. They would be a great band to see in a sweaty hot little room somewhere, which is exactly what I intend to do next time they play in town!

Enjoy…and rock out

9 years ago

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