Tuesday Tunesday #24 | Hermitude – Through The Roof


Let’s kick this year into gear! There are many things to look forward to the new year in music. Like the start of every year there is an endless plain of possibility to what could appear. Songs can come out of left-field or they could come from your favourite artists and be everything that you’d hoped for. This is the latter.

It’s been almost exactly three years since Hermitude dropped their last album, Hyperparadise. It was a massive album from the electronic duo that had been on the cusp of something huge. Three years later and they are still smashing it with North American tours, huge festival line-ups and one feels that we’re just seeing the beginning.

After teasing us with the sensational Ukiyo last year (with almost 1 Million Soundcloud plays), the boys have dropped this. ‘Through The Roof’.

It kicks off with banging horns and doesn’t let up for it’s three minutes in your ear-balls. Featuring young New Zealander, Young Tapz, this reggae infused bass driven beat is a bloody beauty. 

Elgusto and Luke Dubs are two of the friendliest guys in the biz, but don’t let that fool you. Talent flows from their fingers like liquid. Their live show is next level whether it be a small stanky club, or a massive outdoor festival. 

Get on the Hermi-train early for this album. It’s gonna be a trip!

10 years ago

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