Tuesday Tunesday #15 | Caribou – Our Love


Get your electro super shuffle shoes on because it’s time to get dancing!

Admittedly Electro-Dance isn’t my most popular genre on #TuesdayTunesday, but’s not to say that I don’t listen to it and have an interest in da beats.

Caribou is a guy. A 36 year old guy, from Canada with the ‘real’ name of Dan Snaith. Yeah, that’s why he’s known as Caribou.

How many 36 year olds called Dan Snaith have an international hit?

Well…one, I guess.

This is the title track from Caribou’s 4th album and it’s a bloody cracker.

A good beat, a floating vocal, a staccato breakdown. This song has what every good electronic song needs, and ultimately, whilst it may just melt away into the rest of the electronic noise being made eventually, there is something that right here, right now, stands out as really really good.

So here it is. Let your feet move, your arms flail and your lips flap.

10 years ago

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