Just don’t bother, Tony..

This is our PM. He records a ‘special’ message to wish the Socceroos well and then he calls our captain…Mike.


I don’t care if you’re not into football, or not  into sport at all. You don’t, as Prime Minister of this country, record and release something that is such a fail.

I mean, surely there were other people there that saw him say it and then recorded it and then published it online. How many sets of eyes saw this video? Are we saying that none of them have any idea, or was it a conspiracy?

Of course it wasn’t a conspiracy. ‘Our’ Prime Minister is just that dumb.

Of course, this classic tweet from ‘God’ almost makes it all worth while.


Great effort from the Socceroos this morning. If it weren’t for those dodgy first 13 minutes, we could have actually won, as we pressured them a lot in that second half.

Bring on the giant killing Netherlands, who will surely come back to earth with a crash after their historic win over Spain, 5-1, this morning.

It’s always best to play a team after they’ve had a big win, than a big loss!

10 years ago

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