Rad Mix 2019 – Week 10 (05/03/19)

So, to get an idea of how I curate this playlist, I have a separate playlist that starts empty each week and I move new songs into it that I enjoy across the course of the week. Usually, by the Tuesday I have a dozen or so songs in there and I have to cull a couple out. All songs that I cull end up the monthly playlist, even if not in the weekly one.

This week was some sort of record because I had 20 tracks in my ‘new’ playlist by today and I knew I would it would be a hard to work it out. Such is the quality of the scene right now. There is a plethora of amazing artists making sensational music and you don’t have to fig very far to find it!

Unfortunately, I’ve no time to do a write-up for each song this week, so here’s the list. The playlist will always update though, even if I don’t have time to write!

Front Row Hustle – DZ Deathrays, Briggs, Jesswar
Without A Blush – Hatchie
Tasmania – Pond
Take Some Time – Sweater Curse
Gag Order – thando, Françoistunes
Step Back – Milan Ring
Swerve – Ducks!, Rachel Maio
placeholder – Hand Habits
Eye Catcher – 18YOMAN

(click on album art to find videos of tracks)
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