Rad Mix 2019 – Week 3 (15/01/19)

And we are back! After a little break over the new year period where, to be honest, we all sort of want to tune out, chill out and just read a damn book or something, the new music machine gets rolling again!

I will again be attempting to bring you a brand new set of 10 songs every Tuesday throughout the year, so sit back and let me do the heavy listening for you!

This year, I have a few little surprises in store, but these will flesh out more in the coming months. If you are interested in the latest of what I’ll be up to, please sign up to my newsletter, which would never send more than one email a week to you!

As usual, the playlist will exist only Spotify, and I realise that this can be limiting to some people, but I haven’t felt that there’s any better options right now.

Let’s get into it!

After Stella Donnelly, quite simply, owned 2017, she had a relatively quiet 2018 with Talking being the sole release, so it’s a pleasant surprise to see that she’s starting this year with a bang and a brand new track early on. She’s also announced the name and date of her debut album – Beware of the Dogs, to hit the ‘shelves’ on the 8th of March. Old Man certainly fleshes our her sound when compared to her debut EP. Her sweet voice, as always, disguises the importance of her words, never afraid to own her lyrics and call out the imbalances in society.

Cub Sport have been evolving into what is now feels like one of the premiere pop groups in Australia. Always glistening, always a little bit airy, they utilise synths in a way that’s never corny, but enhances the lyrics, that are just as important as the music to them. In Party Pill, the words detail the early days of Tim (vocals) and Bolan’s (keys) relationship and it’s bloody beautiful.

When I was 17 I fell in love
We had anniversaries each month
He was my first kiss
The real kind of kiss where I kiss back

Their third, self-titled, album is due out this Friday before embarking on a national tour in April.

2018 was a breakout year for Sydney popster, CLYPSO, but 2019 is going to be huge. After some solid collabs with Paces, Kwame and Sophiegrophy, her debut EP, Cameo, is out and it’s absolute fire. A huge cut off the 6-tracker is Bounty which combines edgy production, a bouncing beat and commanding lyrics. A banger of a song from a banger of a woman.

Pond have always lived in the shadow of Tame Impala, but Tame Impala were gladly in the same shadow, as the members all worked together anyway. The shadow has given birth to an even bigger shadow that everyone just bloody dances in. Back in 2013, vocalist Nick Allbrook famously pulled away from Tame and focused on his ‘other’ band, Pond. As they announce their eighth (yes, eighth!) album, Tasmania, this new song, Daisy, showcases just how damn good they are.

Bringing out a song on New Years Day is a baller move but Noname is known to pull no punches. After releasing the fantastic Room 25 debut album last year, Song 31 picks up straight where that left off, showcasing the Chicago native’s sublime rapping and lyrical talents. Teaming up with the ultra smooth super-producer, Phoelix, this song explores the topics of POC in American TV and the fact that as an indie artist, she controls her destiny, which if it continues as it is, will take her to the highest peak.

We got the first taste of Washington’s new material near the end of last year and without further ado, we are treated to the next cut from her forthcoming album. American Spirit, written just after Donald Trump was elected US President, explores the world of Americanisms. There are some distinct Lana Del Ray vibes here with a soaking, orchestral downbeat vibe that let’s the power of her vocal soar over the top

Getting real bored in this sugarfree town
Wanna get high? Do you wanna get down?
Honey I’m home, waiting for you to come
Sauvignon Blanc and a Valium, yum

I can’t wait to see what else is delivered from the sultry voice of this Sydney singer over the year. She has a way of making her mark.

If you think your favourite band works their arse off, recording and playing live you haven’t met Royal Chant. This band, born from the NSW Central Coast, have been making music for nearly ten years and continue to produce quality fuzz-garage pop-rock that doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves. They kick off 2019 with the spanking new tune from their forthcoming 4th album, Minor Crush. Accidental is a perfect example of the quality songwriting ability of the group, combining the easy to relate to lyrics, the rough and ready fuzz sound along with the raw and unique voice of Mark Spence. The multi-talented front-man leads a band that, even with a few line-up changes over the years, have been driven to create 3 albums and a handful of EPs. Oh, and see them live, cause they’re probably playing someone in NSW this week and it’s always a rad show. (more specifically, The Townie in Newtown this Friday night!)

Choosing the 11th of Jan (11/1) to release their latest track, Triple One are definitely not fluking it. Last year they proved it, dropping a massive EP, The Naughty Corner, that has seen them attract a legion of fans Australia wide. Straight off the bat, their latest, Jitter, is a dirty rap joint, utilising an imposing beat, heavy bass drops and fire as hell lyrics. Obi Ill Terrors and Marty Bukakke Large kick off the verses solidly (“kiss my doodle” tho?) before Raj Mahal (a frequent collab with Kwame) absolutely rips out a vicious verse that defines this track. Exciting times for the next gen of hip-hop in this country.

A name change late last year gives a fresh edge and new beginning for The Lazy Susans (not to be confused with the ’90s band of the same name). Lead singer, (and formally part of the band name) Antonia Susan, fronts a band that not only put on a hell of a live show, but have released an early contender for the best song of January. R U OK? is, as Antonia puts it, “An anthem for anyone feeling alone” and it puts the very real and serious issue of mental health foremost in our minds. It’s also a rollicking indie-rock track with great harmonies and a powerful verse from guitarist Kieren Turnbull that settle beautiful next to those of Antonia. Having just signed with the Resist Records label, home of Parkway Drive and Polaris, their 2019 is set to be their biggest yet.

Sometimes a weird experiment can result in a happy result. That’s what may have happened with the latest track from Martin Frawley. The singer, who also fronts Melbourne indie charmers, Twerps, is about to release his debut solo album (Undone at 31, out February 22) and has teased us with a pumping little ditty, Chain Reaction. No, this is not a John Farnham cover, it’s actually a sweet track which will nestle into the middle of the album, which is to be appreciated in order for full effect (apparently!). The weird experiment? Frawley recorded three drum tracks over each other and then removed pieces of it (“like Jenga”) to come up with the fuzzy, weirdly echoey, drum line. It’s innovative, it’s fun and it’s got a catchy as hell chorus.

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