BIGSOUND Bingo – Part 4

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Artist 16 – Hatchie

Brand new is what BIGSOUND is all about. Discovering the next big thing and being at the champion of it. Harriette Pilbeam of Brisbane (and also great act, Babaganouj), released her track Try just three months ago and it’s been getting attention from all over the world. It’s brilliant, glistening 80s-esque pop that edges into the indie side of things.

She’ll be rocking around the country with The Creases very soon, so get out there to see her. Here’s hoping she doesn’t neglect Babaganoujthough. They were awesome at BIGSOUND last year!


(📷 from Youtube – Try)

Artist 17 – Two Step on the Water

A group that is intriguing from the very first listen. This trio from Melbourne write about “transness, trauma and other melodrama” and there’s a striking honesety to their lyrics.

“The only lie I’ll tell is that I am not afraid”

Their debut album, God Forbid Anyone Look Me in the Eye, arrived in 2016 and it’s achingly emotional, raw and almost hard to listen to, but it’s beautiful to hear something that doesn’t hide behind any barriers. Fronted by June Jones, a trans woman that writes words that hit the heart in spots you didn’t know music could, this group also has a reputation for a hypnotic live show.


(📷 from Naomi Lee)

Arist 18 – Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird

With the longest name in BIGSOUND, there is little reveal what sort of music we can expect, other than Melbourney? Take a listen to Cool Parties and you immediately get a sense of the relaxed vibe of this five-piece. Now that’s a suitable song title.

I like the sound of the lead singer, Lachlan Rose’s, voice. A very smooth vocal that overlays the chill of the group’s instruments. There’s a lot to like from the very few tracks I could find from this group, but brand newy, Blaze, is definitely worth your time, flowing from down-beat Australiana sounding chill to a rocking finish.

(Also, playing at Leadbelly, this Thursday with Why We Run!)


(📷 from Facebook)

Artist 19 – WHALEHOUSE

What does a WHALEHOUSE look like? This, apparently..

..but their songs are punky, thrashy garage goodness. With song titles like ‘Sick Burn’, ‘Good Christian Girl’ and ‘Sexy Whale Beach Party’, there’s a quirky, punk asthetic. The lyrics are fun, their songs are fun and they just seem very…fun.

I could literally only find one EP with four songs on it plus a single, so I’m looking forward to what else they deliver at BIGSOUND. I’m sure it’ll be…crazy.


(📷 from a&a Images)

Artist 20 – Machine Age

Adrian Mauro has created an act that combines his smooth, gorgeous voice with electronica and rock. Machine Age is the resulting combination and it’s an orgy of sound in your head. Having played BIGSOUND two years ago, he returns with a new team and a battle-hardened live show.

Coming off a support slot with Holy Holy is a great way to launch into new material and that’s what we’re going to get very soon. Excited to see what comes from this QLD artist.


(📷 from Facebook)


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