BIGSOUND Preview – Part 7

Following on from Part 6, I continue to preview the acts performing at the annual BIGSOUND conference…


Fantastic blog, Banshee, featured a track from this underground Melbourne electronic duo last year on their first mixtape and they have been getting more and more noticed with supports of Oscar Key Sung and Banoffee amongst their achievements. Their eclectic mix of quirky beats and oft-eccentric goth vocals stand this outfit from the crowd. Not willing to stand by and watch genres go by, they are creating their own; ‘Sad Goth Party Jam’. Trademark that shit. Take a listen to their Ugly Cry EP for the full HABITS experience. (Headphones recommended!)

Heya Bar – Wednesday, 7th September – 10:50 PM – 11:20 PM


Harmony James

Country music! There’s not a lot of it in the BIGSOUND line-up, but hey, it’s a popular genre and doesn’t get a lot of commerical exposure! Harmony James’ songs have a personal feel, touching on her country experiences to living in the city all dealt with in an empathetic tone. It’s cruisy music, with a sweet voice and a story; just like good country music should be. Her latest album, Cautionary Tales, has some beautiful touches, including use of mandolin and steel guitar.

Press Club – Thursday, 8th September – 9:00 PM – 9:30 PM



Much has been written about Harts’ encounters with the late, great Prince, but it’s an important part of his story and helped launch this supremely talented guitarist into the spotlight. Not that it wouldn’t have happened anyway. A show-man on the stage, and diminutive off it, Darren Hart is someone you just want to watch over and over again. Working tirelessly promoting his latest album, Smoke Fire Hope Desire along with creating the whole thing himself, Harts is a superstar in the making and if you haven’t seen his live show yet, don’t miss it this time.

Coopers Brightside Outdoor Stage – Wednesday, 7th September – 10:00 PM – 10:30 PM


Heads of Charm

This Melburnian trio epitomise the quality of music being made in this country that doesn’t get enough notice. They’ve been making music for around four years, but it’s singer and guitarist, David Gagliardi, that started the thing, playing and recording all of the instruments. In that time they’ve put out no less than seven releases and they range from thrashy messy rock to more polished, but still edgy af rock. There’s a raw, risky sound to this band that make you want to rock the fuck out to their stuff with wild abandon. See them at a club near you on their latest tour and relive your youth, when Aussie rock was accessible and on every night.

The Zoo – Thursday, 8th September – 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM


Hideous Sun Demon

Fremantle comes to the party with Hideous Sun Demon. WA produces a lot of really great punk rock and these guys are no exception. Their first album, Sweat, ventures into some psych sounds including Moan for Jesus before really punking it up with Thanks, Kim. With a second LP around the corner, a signing with Pilerats and surely a lot of touring to come, they are bringing the noise across the desert along with new single Bad Girl. Get on board this demon road-train.

Crowbar – Wednesday, 7th September – 9:00 PM – 9:30 PM


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