BIGSOUND Preview – Part 6

Following on from Part 5, I continue to preview the acts performing at the annual BIGSOUND conference…

Gabriella Cohen

Moving from being the front person of a rock n’ roll outfit to a solo venture is always a journey tinged with trepidation, but Gabriella Cohen, also a member of The Furrs (appearing at 2014’s BIGSOUND) has taken that step and launched herself worldwide. Her debut album, Full Closure and No Details, has critical album as flowing beautifully and delivering sad songs with a mix of sensitivity and humour. Excited to witness live.

The Foundry – Thursday, 8th September – 9:00 PM – 9:30 PM



With a voice that evokes passion and can bring a tear to the eye even if you don’t know what is being sung, Gawurra sings with power and purpose to paint a picture of his life. Living on Milingimbi Island, just off Arnhem Land, this Yolngu singer has won multiple NIMA awards and many hearts along the way. Listen, and let his voice wash over you. His debut album, Ratja Yaliyal (meaning Vine of Love), has just been released and the title track is impressive. Spine-tingling stuff.

Black Bear Lodge – Thursday, 8th September – 9:10 PM – 9:40 PM


Gideon Bensen

I remember the first time I saw The (then) ‘Preachers’. Gideon Bensen sang a lot more than Isabella Manfredi and his diverse range and singing talent stood out. With his vocals being pushed into the background somewhat in his group, it’s great to see him branch out on his own and launch a debut EP, Cold Cold Heart, earlier this year. His style is a little more edgy than The Preatures and it gives him a chance to push out into Bowie-like branches.

The Flying Cock – Thursday, 8th September – 9:10 PM – 9:40 PM



With the most unique (and hardest to Google) band name in the conference, .gif bring a little bit of south-east Asia to Australia. This Singaporean indie-electronic duo deliver a taste of trip-hop mixed with an Asian influenced backing. It’s a great match. soma is their second album. It’s beautiful produced and very accessible. It’s great to have them representing their country at this conference. Perfect Sunday afternoon jams.

Press Club – Wednesday, 7th September – 11:30 PM – 12:00 AM



When I started this preview, I was looking forward to getting to this act and learning more about them. From Melbourne, they’ve been name-dropped by heaps of artists as someone they’re digging and delivering the sort of music that relies on the past, but takes it squarely into the future. Ella Thompson and Graeme Pogson drive this act which combines synthy pop with a big beat, big bass and a great big smile. Touch is their debut album and it’s one of the most enjoyable first listens of a new album you will ever hear. Can’t wait to see this act and shake my booty right along with the rest of the audience.

The Brightside – Thursday, 8th September – 11:20 PM – 11:50 PM


Golden Vessel

Whilst atmospheric songs can be pretty, it’s when you add the vocal layer that it becomes something else. Golden Vessel, not only creates beautifully layered textures in his music, he chooses vocalists that compliment him wonderfully. From Brisbane and riding on the wave of his Before Sleep EP, Max Byrne is delivering his Ableton created inspirations to a national audience on triple j’s Unearthed. It’s amazing what a teenager can make in their bedroom, but even better when they have the courage to share it with others.

triple j Unearthed Stage @ Oh Hello! – Thursday, 8th September – 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM


Good Boy

I can’t hear these guys without thinking of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, especially on Poverty Line, and that’s a good comparison. The same speaking/singing sort of vocals. The same loose guitar licks. The same repetitive nature of the tunes. They have to be fans. They do deliver some variety in their debut EP, No Love For Back Home, however and it’ll be interesting to see how they progress with their second EP, due shortly. A bit QLD, a bit cheeky, but they tell a story and that’s a good thing. Good boys.

triple j Unearthed Stage @ Oh Hello! – Thursday, 8th September – 8:50 PM – 9:20 PM



When perusing the BIGSOUND line-up, there are few names that stood out more than Gordi. Her debut EP, Clever Disguise, contains her singles thus far, all of which have been a celebration in clever songwriting, powerful vocal delivery and just bloody good tunes. As we await her debut long-player, I’m sure there’s plenty more gems to come. Gordi’s songs are all some impeccably made with glistening production and she’s just such a damn nice person to boot.

Coopers Brightside Outdoor Stage – Thursday, 8th September – 10:00 PM – 10:30 PM



Gregor Kompar is a 22 year old from Melbourne that has created a selection of tunes that are as intriguing as they are beautiful. Made with a keen ear and some nifty equipment, every song has something different about it. Whether it be the 7 minute 3 Part Dancing Song or a cover of Lay Lady Lay, there’s something very unique going on here. Chapter Music know what they’re doing when this pick an artist up, so what’s going to happen live? Who knows. Might be worth finding out..

Woolly Mammoth – Alehouse Stage – Thursday, 8th September – 8:10 PM – 8:40 PM



This producer out of NZ brings some deep electronic mysticism to the conference. With a couple of EPs under their belt, they’ve venturing across the ditch to apply this melancholic dark-pop on us, that will make you wish you hadn’t taken those pills cause this music is trippy enough. It’s hard to know where the minimalist tracks begin and end, but there’s a mood in here that will keep you engrossed.

Press Club – Wednesday, 7th September – 9:50 PM – 10:20 PM


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