BIGSOUND Preview – Part 5

Following on from Part 4, I continue to preview the acts performing at the annual BIGSOUND conference…


Fait is Elise Higgins. Elise creates sounds; epic, beautiful, BIG sounds. From out of the west of Australia, the rumble gets louder as she picks up steam and having just released her latest EP, Sonder, that rumble will surely meet your ears soon with it’s brash, impressive, drama. Yes, drama. Fait’s music is full of drama, but it lets you create your own visuals, instead setting the scene with instrumentals, rather than words. Close your eyes, see through your mind’s eye and put her music on loud. It will blow you away.

The New Globe Theatre – Thursday, 8th September – 8:50 PM – 9:20 PM



Remember Children Collide? Of course you do. They have unfortunately gone to big Australian band jam in the sky, but out of the ashes has risen Johnny Mackay’s solo project, Fascinator. Co-produced with The Avalanches’ Darren Seltmann, his debut, Man, was an exploration in combining genres. Having since relocated to NYC, Fascinator is getting around with his electronic/grunge music. Electronic grunge you say? Indeed. It’s a unique combo, but it works. Heavy beats, very interesting effects and one hell of a dance. I’m ready to let it all hang out.

Woolly Mammoth – Alehouse Stage – Thursday, 8th September – 11:30 PM – 12:00 AM



It’s great to see some New Zealand acts included in BIGSOUND. Fazerdaze is a dreamy bubble of glistening pop from Auckland. AKA Amelia Murray, this artist has been kicking goals around the world with a UK tour, a self-titled EP, touring with fellow NZers that are kicking goals. It’s all happening! Take a listen to and watch to Little Uneasy. Bloody sweet as a nut.

Woolly Mammoth – Alehouse Stage – Wednesday, 7th September – 8:10 PM – 8:40 PM



Described as Australia’s answer to Mac DeMarco in both sound and looks, this Melbourne act plays slow-low-fi tunes that might make you look up from your shoes now and then, but probably just to see what everyone is wearing. Giuliano Ferla is the front person, formerly with Twin Beasts, who wound things up at the start of this year. I prefer the more up-beat numbers myself, but there’s a formidable sound to Ferla’s voice with many a throwback reference to the 80’s with his delivery, keyboard work and style.

Woolly Mammoth – Alehouse Stage – Thursday, 8th September – 9:50 PM – 10:20 PM



This inner-west Sydney group have been building a following steadily over the last couple of years with their easy to listen to and well constructed indie-rock tunes. It’s a little bit slacker, a little bit Go-Betweens with a nicely tuned organ in the background. Their Dirt EP of last year is just a taster of what’s to come from this four piece that are delivering with a fun and fresh show

The New Globe Theatre – Wednesday, 7th September – 9:40 PM – 10:10 PM



Sad disco. It’s a genre apparently. Foreign/National are the proprietors of such a style of music that it makes you want to dance, but you don’t know if you’re in that place right now. Their sound is a little bit lo-fi, a little bit psychedelic (thanks to King Giz collaborator Joey Walker, but there’s a certain nostalgic something in there that strikes a chord. There’s probably some sort of music school background in the quintet as they love the use of minor jazz chords and dancing bass lines. No complaints here!

Coopers Brightside Outdoor Stage – Wednesday, 7th September – 10:50 PM – 11:20 PM



Fuzzy. Distorted. Greyish. Dance-able? Not sure how much you can dance to experimental pop-electronica that may encourage you to sway minimally from side to side, but there’s a powerful precise production in their music that is attractive. Hailing from Brisbane and recently doubling their band size, a debut album is on the way (in 1,000,000 years perhaps). Their sound bends from spine-tingling to head-fuckingly hedonistic. They intrigue me.

Woolly Mammoth – Alehouse Stage – Wednesday, 7th September – 9:50 PM – 10:20 PM



Fortunes (Barnaby Matthews – Producer, Conor McCabe – Vocals) are a R&B electronic groove duo from Melbourne (via NZ) that make intimate, precise and hot as hell tunes. The beats are so damn on point; The vocals from McCabe perfectly soar over the top. Soulful AF and destined to make you nod your head repeatedly and wonder why you haven’t heard of these guys before.

Ric’s Big Backyard – Wednesday, 7th September – 10:40 PM – 11:10 PM



New music from a new four-piece from the not so new town of Bendigo. Unearthing talent from regional areas is always a tough task (triple j’s Unearthed help!), but these guys are riding the wave of a track, Still Life, that has almost 25,000 plays on Soundcloud. It’s a powerful track with the deep haunting vocal from Anthony White and a taster of what’s to come as they promise a long player, This Town’s Ablaze, later this year.

Ric’s Big Backyard – Thursday, 8th September – 8:10 PM – 8:40 PM



First tastes of Fractures are that he’s got a big, big sound behind him. Delving a little bit deeper we discover the sensitive nature of Mark Zito’s lyric and production. There’s a golden touch to his songs as observed by his schmick remix of Owl Eyes‘ Night Swim. It’s definitely worth taking the trek through his Soundcloud playlist and opening your heart to this artist just before he launches his debut album in 2017.

The Brightside – Wednesday, 7th September – 10:30 PM – 11:00 PM


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