BIGSOUND Preview – Part 3

Following on from Part 2, I continue to preview the acts performing at the annual BIGSOUND conference…


BUOY is Charmian Kingston, a Sydneysider with a simply lovely voice that dances over textured and intricate synths. The delivery is delicate, pure and unique. Check out Don’t Want to See You for a perfect example of the ethereal journey she will take you on. Her latest EP, Break, follows on from her fantastic debut, Immersion, from 2015. The wave of emotions you’ll feel when listening to her music are amplified when using headphones. Give it a go.

The Flying Cock – Wednesday, 7th September – 8:20 PM – 8:50 PM



Drag It Down On You is Ceres’ upcoming second album, due just in time for the conference. Lead single, Happy In Your Head, is a delightful indie ode dedicated to moving on from a relationship and being happy to just be a memory. Inner-city Melbourne angst meets upbeat licks and punk-like progressions. It’s ok to be emo. It’s ok to be unsure and it’s ok to dance to these little indie-punk gems.

The Zoo – Thursday, 8th September – 8:50 PM – 9:20 PM



Twenty two bands into the list and we finally hit something heavy. Chronolyth are a melodic-death metal band from Brisbane. What is melodic death-metal? Good question, but from what I can tell their musicianship is top-notch and lead singer Hamish McSorley’s voice is freaking brutal. Take a listen to Revenants and tell me that isn’t some of the tightest most savage stuff you’ve heard recently? Bring your earplugs. You’ll need ’em.

Crowbar – Thursday, 8th September – 9:50 PM – 10:20 PM



Following in the alphabet and on the Crowbar stage will be Circles. Hailing from Melbourne, this five-piece provide loud, melodic rhythm-based progressive metal that is as catchy as it is talented. They’ve have been around for at least five years, played big festivals around Europe and just supported Fear Factory on their Aussie tour. If you want a firey and intense set with songs like Sand and Wind, definitely check these guys out.

Crowbar – Thursday, 8th September – 10:40 PM – 11:10 PM


Clairy Browne

Pop meets sass with this artist from Melbourne that is on the verge of big banging things. Clairy Browne mixes a soulful voice with poppy melodies and a punchy delivery. Her debut, Pool, comes after going solo from her The Bangin’ Rackettes and shows off her strong song-writing and vocal chops. It’s when she rolls it back to an R&B sound with some great textures backgrounds and beats that Browne really shines.

The Zoo – Wednesday, 7th September – 9:40 PM – 10:10 PM



Clea’s voice soars on her enchanting track, Dire Consequences, the first taste I heard of her. Her left of centre voice along with the whimsical guitar and minor chords give her music a melancholy feel, but it works beautifully. She will hit BIGSOUND just after wrapping up her first national tour, supporting Cub Sport. Another fantastic female singer-songwriter making waves in this country. Exciting!

Heya Bar – Thursday, 8th September – 10:50 PM – 11:20 PM



It feels a little unfair to have someone of Cleopold’s calibre at this conference alongside. If you’re unsure of who he is, take a listen to Miami Horror’s Love Like Mine and you might realise who he is. Then listen to Scarlet, a solo track, and tell me he doesn’t have a sound that infects your brain with it’s timing and aesthetic. Only just about to launch his debut EP, living in LA and signed to Universal, this electro-soul artist is going huge places and worth catching live while you can.

The Brightside – Thursday, 8th September – 8:50 PM – 9:20 PM


Coda Conduct

My preview of this act may be a little biased as I have seen this Sydney (via Canberra) rap duo at least ten times, but seriously I only do that for acts that I seriously think are worth it. The lyrics that this pair spit are both witty and clever and delivered with such sharp speed and rhythm that you have to listen twice to make sure you heard it right. We’re waiting with baited breath for their debut album, but if you haven’t make sure you see them for your first time…or eleventh.

The Elephant Hotel – Wednesday, 7th September – 8:00 PM – 8:30 PM



So, if Blink 182 are still making music, where’s the next crop? Columbus should be in that next harvest. This trio from Brisbane make fast, exciting emo/punk that is worthy of their appearances at Soundwave (when it was alive), supports for The Ataris and Real Friends and premieres on BBC Radio 1. Their new album, Spring Forever, is out in two days and Daffodil is the latest cut from it. Touring around the country soon. Look ’em up!

Woolly Mammoth – Alehouse Stage – Wednesday, 7th September – 11:30 PM – 12:00 AM



Primal, sensory, bass-heavy electronica. Hot damn. COMMAND Q’s brand new We are Animals EP is pretty epic. From rough and heavy Pendulum-like drops to crunchy eclectic Skrillexy dubstep. There’s definitely a skillset here that is fairly rare in the Australian scene but these West Australians have nailed it. Should be an epic live set.

Woolly Mammoth – Mane Stage – Wednesday, 7th September – 11:40 PM – 12:10 AM


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