Tuesday Tunesday #60 | Tangents – Jindabyne

With a sound beyond definition and defined on their own site as “post-everything improv”, Tangents have dropped their second album and it’s a mish-mash of sounds from cello, to feedback, to piano with a tripping drum beat.

Jindabyne is the opening track on the Stateless album and it perfectly exhibits the sounds that I’m failing to describe. With members from Sydney and Canberra mixing electronic and acoustic instruments, there is a real meshing of atmosphere and almost random sounds perhaps bringing their surroundings into the music.

Jindabyne is a town oft-represented in music and film. It’s a starkly split town between snow tourist mecca in the cold months to desolate brown isolation in summer. It seems to inspire prose and this song brings another perspective to the small NSW hamlet.

Get your headphones on, turn up, bliss out and check out the rest of their album on bandcamp or soundcloud now.

from estellehoen (Instagram)

8 years ago

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