Tuesday Tunesday #59 | Sweet Jean – Main Street

Sometimes my discovery of music can take different paths and this is something to reflect on. The willingness to appreciate the path and give songs a chance makes the end result all the more exciting and rewarding.

I first saw Alice Keath hosting ‘The Live Set Sessions’ at Byron Bay Bluesfest earlier this year. She was doing a job that, although made me very jealous, was exceptionally done and I could see how much she enjoyed the music and the artists that she was interviewing and introducing to an eager audience.

I actually had the pleasure of meeting her after a Live Set Session at the Sydney ABC studios earlier this year (L-FRESH The Lion. It was soooo good) and we discussed what a great concept ‘The Live Set Sessions’ are.

Roll forward a few months and we’ve been spinning a song on 2ser (I host Wednesday Drive) called NYD by a Melburnian duo called Sweet Jean. I really dig the song and have enjoyed spinning it, but still didn’t really know who they were.

Then today, I find my favourite music website, ‘The Music’ has premiered a new video from Sweet Jean, so I click and watch. Lo and behold, there’s Alice Keath singing! I must admit I have taken my time in noticing Sweet Jean, but I am so glad that I have now. They released their debut album, ‘Dear Departure’ in 2013, but have just released their second LP, ‘Monday to Friday’.

The collaboration of Alice Keath and Sime Nugent generates music that delights the ear-holes and can go from feeling dark, snug and comfortable to light, bright and energetic, thus is the diversity they can deliver. Either way, it stimulates the senses deliciously.

Keath’s vocals however, are perfectly and soaringly delivered, especially when harmonising with Nugent’s baritone. This track, Main Street, along with it’s tricky little 5 beat chorus riff has a clever video with Nugent being thwapped (that’s a word) with numerous soft windy items is an excellent accompaniment to a song that delivers much more than a single tear.

I’m a tiger on the Main Street
It’s not a grin these are my teeth
Come any closer and you’ll find out
It could be terror or relief

Sometimes I jump late onto a bandwagon, but I always make sure I stay on once I’m there.

8 years ago

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