Tuesday Tunesday #57 – Jess Locke – Paper Planes

The female singer-songwriter talent in this country is not only at a high like I’ve never seen in my lifetime, but it’s growing constantly and it’s so damn fantastic to see.

Jess Locke has been plying her trade for 5 years or more and this song has been around for at least that long, but now there’s a nifty new video and release and we can all revel in the glory of ‘Paper Planes’.

Following on from the fantastic LP, ‘Words that Seem to Slip Away’ of last year, Paper Planes moves forward again and comes with a spiffingly cute video clip starring Mingey the cat.

The lo-fi sounds are still prevalent, the raw, but confident vocals are there but there’s a step-up in the production of this tune with a fuller band supporting Locke. Following on from a cracker of a national tour with ‘The Smith Street Band, Luca Brasi’ and ‘Joelistics’, Locke is really starting to spread her love around the country and it’s just a matter of time before her laid-back spacey vocal and engaging lyrics propel this future star into orbit.

“We think about the future
Worry about what we’ll do
Regret the past and cling to it
Remember that none of that is real”

Check out this fantastic track and enjoy the adventures of Mingey the cat 🙂

7 years ago

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