Tuesday Tunesday #56 | Dream Fiend – Morning Light

So, it’s been a dreary kinda Tuesday. Not really feeling it, just waiting to go on holidays and thought I’d look for a pick-me-up. Good lord, I found one!

Dream Fiend may just appear to be a guy from Melbourne, but really, he’s so much more. Self-described as “…a little dude who resides in the dream realm… …part of a race that helps all forms of life to have pleasant and fulfilling dreams..

He’s also bringing electro-funk back into our lives and what’s not to love about that?

This track, Morning Light, is the third on a debut seven-track EP that he’s just released with a funky little video game-esque cover. The Electric Isle EP is described as a “…concept album and its a place somewhere between reality and a dream..”

Being in a dream is fine with me right now, so I’ll stay right there.

Belonging to a genre known as ‘synthwave’, there’s some pretty outstanding playing on this track. There’s staccato melodies in the background, there’s airy vocals with delightful organ breaks. It’s such a smile-inducing, fun sound.

Go and check the Electric Isle EP and his back catalogue. It’s fun, it’s blissful and it’ll transport you to where you want to be.

7 years ago

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