Tuesday Tunesday #55 | Pranks – Flares

In around two weeks, I’ll be jumping on a big plane and hot-footing it over to Dublin, Ireland and thanks to a fellow music blogger, I have got some first hand coverage of the music scene there before I roll up.

Firstly, go and follow Remy’s blog, because he’s a legend, his taste is a winner and he features some awesome local Irish (and other European) talent.

Now, let’s take a look at this duo out of Dublin. In the mould of another act from the UK, Royal Blood, there are just two of them and they make a bloody great racket. Micheal Sheil (Guitar and vocals) and Gearoid Connaughton (Drums) have a great sound. Meaty riffs, solid drumming and Sheil’s vocal has a Josh Homme (QOTSA) feel to it.

I love how ‘Flares’ just dives right into it. There’s a good energy and push to this song, but also an excellent synergy, which shows off the great combination these two seem to have.

They released a self-titled three-track EP last year, which is worth checking out as well. Great chunky, grungy stuff.

Here’s hoping I can not only catch some sweet singer-songwriter music in the local pubs in Ireland, but also check out some of the hot new talent on offer in a couple of weeks.

8 years ago

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