Tuesday Tunesday #52 | Dawn Laird – Sandworms

In honour of International Women’s Day, I bring you a hip-hop track that is as impressive as anything you’ll hear this year.

Dawn Laird, out of Newcastle, is of the rare breed of rappers that produces their own material and her production is smooth and advanced on this brand new track.

Sandworms has an ominous sound. Strings, bass and some schmick as hell scratching (contributed by Rob Shaker). This is an all-round track that is hard to ignore. Get into it, because I am sure there is a lot more great stuff to come from Dawn. I know she’s been working on a new EP for a while now and here’s hoping this is just a sweet taster of the future. Check her out in Canberra this weekend too!

Here’s to all of the women in music that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Seek it out, listen, share and appreciate the amazing music that comes out of this country from the very classy ladies we have.

8 years ago

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