Fresh Friday #1 | Urthboy – 1100 Hours (The Comment Section)

Smokey’s Haunt came out almost three years ago. In fact, the new single from Urthboy, Long Loud Hours, will be released on the same day. October 12th followed by a brand new album early in 2016.

Following up Smokey will not be an easy thing. It was a classic album from the man that came down from the mountains in the late 90′s, bringing with him the legends that are Elgusto and Luke Dubs (aka Hermitude) and helping to form the legendary stable that is Elefant Traks. This will be his fifth album and will, no doubt, further cement his place as one of the pioneers of this generation’s Australian hip-hop.

Along with his collaborative outfit, ‘The Herd’, Urthboy’s solo tracks have always had a strong under-current of local and international politics. This brand new track certainly follows on this path. Comment sections on controversial posts and articles have always been a source of dismay and occasional amusement. I personally try to avoid reading them and that is what this song is conveying.

“Imagine if your comment caused a heart attack.”

The track has a grimy start to it but morphs to an airy breakdown thanks to amazing production from the all-star cast, including Countbounce, Joelistics, Yeroc, Pasobionic and a crafty cut from Jayteehazard.

Enjoy this new taste from Urthboy. I know I will.

8 years ago

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