Tuesday Tunesday #43 | Palms – Bad Apple

Whilst Nirvana were just hijacking the punk soundings of the Ramones and the hair-styling of glam 80s bands, they created something new with it. Many bands have attempt to re-create the sound, including our very own Ratcat back in the early 90s.

Palms are not hiding from the fact that they’re Nirvana (or even Ratcat) inspired. Even the picture they use for their Facebook cover photo seems ‘Nevermind’-esque.


Bad Apple comes straight of the pre-Nevermind play-book and may even resemble one of their best, ‘Son of a Gun’, a little too closely, but it’s a pumping 3 minute rock song which may not have the same production values, but seems to suit it all the better.

Palms have been around a while now, recreated from the past outfit, ‘Red Riders’. They have just signed to Ivy League which is certain to mean good times ahead.

Can’t get it out of my head, so now it’s in yours. Enjoy the rad video, co-created by the man that is SPOD.

9 years ago

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