Hip-Hop Hump-Day #5 | Oven Fresh – Be Advised

Sometimes you get given a tip on some new music to listen to because that person thinks you’ll like it. This is what makes the music world go around and the main reason I started this blog. People would ask me, “What are you listening to at the moment?” and I would try to remember everything that has been going into my ears. Now-a-days I just have to tell them to come to this blog. Easy!

Thanks to a tip-off via Cameron from The Band Next Door on 2ser, I had a listen to this new EP, Takeshi’s Castle from Oven Fresh. Another inner-west Sydney hip-hop group? Sure is, but hey when it’s good, it’s good. 

This track, Be Advised, feels like the best on the EP. A great cruisey vibe and some excellent keys from the talented Takeshi. The emcees, Sxwxt & TVMPST (what sort of spelling is that?), have a similar feel to some old ‘Herd’ stuff and the inclusion of real drums, bass and keys just makes this that little bit different to the other hip-hop coming out today.

Looking forward to hearing some more from these guys, but they might need to lay off the gear before recording their vocals. Gotta stay crisp boys!

8 years ago

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