Moody Monday #4 | Gang of Youths – Still Unbeaten Life


To say that I’ve been obsessed with the new album from Gang of Youths over the last week would be an understatement. The Positions officially came out last Friday and I seriously recommend it. Listen to it again…and again. Let the lyrics and vocals of

Dave Le’aupepe flow over you.

On this wet, windy and completely gross day in Sydney, tuck your toes into some uggs, pull up your blanket and take a listen to this song which inexplicably didn’t even make the album. It was given out as a freebie to people that pre-ordered it and at 8 minutes, maybe the powers that be (Sony) decided it was too long to fit.

It’s a beautiful track with a driving beat…a beat that runs like a heartbeat throughout it. 

I will not lie, I will not look
I will not waste any days I have left to my soul
And I will stand, will stand now in your mind
I will not crash, I will not burn
And I will pay any debts to your hands I own
You’re still, you’re still unbeaten life

The entire album is heart-breakingly honest and sad. This song is a perfect example of Le’aupepe’s song-writing on this album, which was inspired by a tumultuous relationship with a terminally ill girl.

Don’t forget Gang of Youths and where you were when you first heard them. I have a feeling they are going to be making music for a long time to come..

9 years ago

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