Throwback Thursday #3 | Faith No More | Gentle Art of Making Enemies


If you’re a long time FNM fan, like me, this is the album that changed everything. Jim Martin, the man with the beard and the chops (in hair and guitar terms) left the band (via fax) after recording their first four albums together. 

How would Faith No More go on without their trademark guitarist? They answered that with Fool for Day… King for a Lifetime, an album that took a slightly new direction for the 5 piece. For me, it was the album that was pretty safe, compare to Angel Dust which tended to push the limits of FNM’s style.

It is strange to think that Mike Patton didn’t want to continue on that path at the time, considering his side projects. Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas, Peeping Tom etc.. were all pretty out there and experimental. They even brought in Mr. Bungle guitarist Trey Spruance to record this 5th album, but the style of the album is pretty tame.

20 years on, this album is still one of my go-to FNM albums. Songs like Get Out, Richochet and the song I am featuring today are the main reasons.

I am reminded of this song because of their recent performance at Soundwave. Their headlining performance at this year’s festival was honestly one of the best live shows I have seen in a long time and makes my Top 5 of my life for sure. The whole gig was just on point. The sound, the stage design, the style and of course, Mr Mike Patton. The highlight of this awesome show, for me, was Gentle Art of Making Enemies. The show blew me away, but I must admit I sorta lost it during this song.

If you’re just getting back into Faith No More as they prepare to release their 8th album having just shared their latest track, Superhero, (which is bloody good, by the way), you’ll be wanting to go back a while and enjoy this. The album was released about 20 years and 2 weeks ago. (time flies)

Watch a pencil moustached Patton literally throw himself around the stage in 1995 at ‘Monsters of Rock’ in São Paulo, Brazil. Epic indeed.

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