Hip-Hop Hump-Day #3 | Hau – Kill.I.Am


We’re winding it back to an old-school Aussie emcee today. Hau Latukefu is the man behind Koolism, the man behind the triple j hip-hop show and quite simply, the man. He’s been making music since his early teens, growing up in struggle-town itself, Queanbeyan. Many talents have blossomed from the town across the border from Canberra and Koolism became one of the originators of the Aussie Hip-Hop scene, clawing their way of the early 90′s grunge filled landscape, to establish themselves in folklore and help to establish Hau as the ‘father’ of the genre.

Not that I want to insinuate that Hau is old. In fact, he is at an age that now let’s him speak with authority, experience and passion. This is where Kill.I.Am comes in to it. Following on from his excellent Football, Feasts & Funerals mix-tape of last year, Hau takes it to the next level with expert production from the red-hot producers, Dutch & Sensible J (of Remi fame). Kill.I.Am is the first cut off his forth-coming long-awaited début solo album, The No End Theory.

Its short, at 2 minutes, 40, but it’s punchy and tight as my dad’s budget. It’s also positive and if this is symbolic of the rest of the album, it’s going to have a great vibe. 

Bouncy, exciting and fresh. That’s a good call for a bloke who’s been making music for over 20 years.

8 years ago

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