Tuesday Tunesday #34 | The Occupants – Alison


There are some singers that have such a unique voice that it takes you to a happy place. Once upon a time it was Michael Jackson, and then it was Mike Patton (the man of many voices), but there is a more recent one that everytime I hear it, it sucks me in.

Flynn Gower from The Occupants is that voice. Of course, it was Gower’s older band, Cog, that started the obsession. The unique sustained vocal with a melodic edge. It stands out in the Australian rock landscape as one of the best.

Couple Flynn with his brother Luke, on bass (and keyboard?), and you have a project that has been going on 2 years, releasing a single every few months and increasing our anticipation more and more with each release.

They’re up to single No. 5 (check out Hindsight for another cracker), which will lead to a full début album at some point, hopefully before we hear the next Tool album (ie..never)

This song is a wave of vocals, keys, and an atmospheric feel that sounds great on headphones. There are lots of layers here. It’s not a straight ahead rock song by any means, but you can tell that a lot of effort is going into each and every track that they’re coming up with.

Keep it up. We’ll be ready when you are…

Alison by The Occupants

9 years ago

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