Hip-Hop Hump-day #1 | Coda Conduct – Pool Room


I just had to include a hip-hop day in my new blog format and what better day than hump-day! Wednesday will now be the day to check out the latest in hip-hop, usually, if not always, local Aussie stuff, because there is an awesome pool of talented hip-hop artists in this country and to be honest it’s what I prefer! Let’s call this a Kendrik-free zone, because really does he need any more words written about him?

Where do I start with Coda Conduct? If you haven’t heard of them yet, you should have and you soon will. Yes, I have a soft spot for Coda Conduct because they’re from Canberra (my old hood of 24 years) and not Queanbeyan (despite this awesome Struggle Town rap), but don’t let this make you think they don’t deserve this inaugural #HipHopHumpday shoutout. Their shit is dope.

Coda Conduct consists of two female rappers that are both amazing in their own right. Erica and Sally’s flows compliment each other so well and both are amazing word-smiths. Their lyrical expertise is something else, especially live. Watching Erica perform a spoken word piece in a small bar in Sydney proved those skills.

They have just released their début EP, Butter Side Up, which consists of 5 unique tracks, each with their own vibe. I’ve picked Pool Room today cause I feel it’s the perfect introduction to this duo (including spelling tips). It shows how well they sound together over a minimal backing track.

The future of hip-hop in this country is dependent on artists like Coda Conduct taking it in a direction that can be embraced by the young, up and comers and appreciated by the old hip-hop heads that enjoy fast and smart lyricism.

Enjoy, and remember where you need to be every hump-day!

Photo by Victor Tawagi

9 years ago

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