Tuesday Tunesday #31 | Dick Diver – Tearing The Posters Down


When you’re a four piece from Melbourne that has been slogging away for 7 years, having released a few EPs and a couple of albums you must feel like you’re hitting middle-aged as a band. How do you keep it up and push through the middle-aged spread and create something amazing?

Dick Diver have done that with their latest album, ironically titled ‘Melbourne, Florida’. (yes, there is a Melborrrrrn in Florida). 

The benefit of hitting middle-aged is that you get more honest, you don’t care so much what people think and your real inner beauty comes out. This is a homely, comforting and luscious layered album.

Tearing The Posters Down is the latest single from the just-released album and it’s a beauty of a song. Jangly guitars we’ve come to expect, a sweet lyric and a uniquely Australian sound.

I love the tracks on this album. It makes me smile and is so easy to listen to. Get it into ya!

9 years ago

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