Tuesday Tunesday #29 | Sarah Connor – Coma State

If you know me, you’ll know that I am a hug fan of Aussie hip-hop. Over the years I have been delving deeper and deeper into the amazing and continually multiplying talent that exists in the Australian hip-hop scene.

There are way too many people that either don’t understand the scene, or think that our country’s hip-hop doesn’t hold up internationally. Those people will eat their hats when our scene explodes overseas one day, just as it has and continues to do here.

Sarah Connor is fresh, vivacious, quick-witted and has a hell of a future. She has a smart and quick tongue and seems destined to be on the track to giving female MCs a voice which is, unfortunately, lacking in this country.

Her latest track, Coma State, features the beautiful voice of Price Johnson. I don’t know a lot about her, but she’s definitely got me clicking around the internet looking for more! Smooth production from Kid Pharaoh adds up to making this track a sharp, smart and biting track.

Connor’s lyrics are on-point and, at times, vicious, but it’s a perfect foil to the smooth back-end and she is just saying what needs to be said. 

“Well may we say God Save the Queen, because nothing, but you, will save the damn country”

I get the feeling that Sarah Connor could well be the rapper that this country has been needing and waiting for.

(photo from the amazing Michelle G Hunder)

9 years ago

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