Tuesday Tunesday #22 | jayteehazard – We Do


Whoa, it’s 2015! Welcome to the new year!

As like any year, everything old is new again…or is everything actually new? Who can tell. In any case, let’s pretend everything is new and clean and unblemished and make this year as damn good as we can!

I’m gonna ease into this year with the return of #TuesdayTunesday and a smooth electronic number from one of Sydney’s hardest working and best DJs.

Jayteehazaard has been seen at the back of some dope hip-hop acts, such as ‘Last Kinection’ and ‘Briggs’ and coming from the Elefant Traks stable, you can be sure he’s from good stock.

He drops his new EP, ‘Red Shift’ in February and this track premiered just before Christmas. ‘We Do’ is a dope track, accentuated with a sweet breakdown and pumping percussion. Mixed by ‘Diplo’ collaborator, Frank El Medico, this is a rad taste of what’s to come from the DJ that almost gave it all up after hearing Hermitude’s latest track.. (lols).

Welcome back. Let’s do this thing…

10 years ago

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