Tuesday Tunesday #18 | Ecca Vandal – White Flag


Now and then you get to climb aboard the bandwagon and settle into the passenger seat. Sometimes, something just clicks straight away with an artist and you just know, they are going to go places.

Ecca Vandal is the business. Fresh. Sharp. Exciting…and very very good.

White Flag is her début single and you wouldn’t know it. It’s got the swagger and confidence of an artist that has been around for years. Obviously she’s been working hard to get to this point, and it shows.

South African born and now living in Melbourne, my first exposure to Ecca’s sound was her singing on Joelistic’s track, ‘Connect’. Apparently Joel hadn’t even heard her sing, but wanted to record something with her. Nice choice!

Although there’s a 90’s grunge thing going on in this song, Ecca puts a new spin on it and that draws me to it. I always have time for a solo female artist that re-invents a sound and makes it their own.

Check it out!

10 years ago

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