Not In My Name – Joelistics


With the things that are going on in this country (and the world) right now, never has the term ‘Not In My Name’ been more relevant.

Powerful, beautiful and so very poignant. Joelistics nails it in this acoustic version of his track from ‘Blue Volume’.

Perfect backing from James and Caiti from Sietta as well.

How does it sit with you,
how do you sleep at night?
Does it worry you at all,
do you sympathise?

I hang my head, heavy heart,
I am so ashamed.
It’s in my backyard,
but not in my name.

Don’t miss their tour, along with Mathas, coming to a town near you this month…

I can’t make it unfortunately, so if you want 2 free tickets to any of the shows reply to me with what you wish was not done in your name..

10 years ago

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