Tuesday Tunesday #14 | One Day – Leave Your Windows Open


I am an unashamed Aussie Hip-Hop fan and last Friday I witnessed some of the best, the ’One Day’ crew, take over the ANU Bar in Canberra.

Not only did we get to see the entire crew performing on stage together, but each group did a set to build it up for us.

Joyride, Jackie Onassis, Spit Syndicate & Horrorshow. “Every show is a festival” as these blokes have been travelling around the country doing their thing and also throwing a ‘Sunday Sesh’ party called “One Day Sundays”.

Their album, ‘Mainline’ has been lauded by fans and critics alike (check out Dave Faulkner’s great review in The Saturday Paper). It combines the power of the seven into something beautiful.It all gels together in a perfect symbiosis. Jimmy’s lyric, into Solo’s melody, into Adit’s beat, into Kai’s rap. You can tell this album was created with passion and friendship.

I dragged my sister and her boyfriend along to the show. It’s never easy to convince non Hip-Hop heads to come to Hip-Hop shows, but I think it’s the only way for them to find out what their missing.

You have to see it. You have to hear it.
The fans screaming out every lyric of a Horrorshow song or bouncing for Nick and Jimmy (Spit Syndicate) or smiling at Kai zipping around the stage like a puppy.

Part of the brilliance of the show is the energy in the crowd. 

And that’s the thing about a Hip-Hop crowd. They are always so damn friendly. Every time I am in a crowd at a Hip-Hop show, everyone’s fun and just there to be into the music. No aggro. Just a bunch of mates watching their idols on stage.

Which brings me to this week’s tune. Unfortunately they didn’t play this one at the show, but it has started getting high rotation on radio and it’s been stuck in my head every day of the last week.

For you non Hip-Hop heads, this song is very accessible. The voice of Joyride carries this song.

Who is Joyride?

He is Rowan Dix, a gentle giant, a softly spoken man of the people with a voice from the gods. My sister pointed out that he doesn’t look like what he sounds like. Where’s the black crooner on the mic?


There’s something about the chorus that just sticks in my head. It has a unique melody and beat, or maybe it’s just Joyride hypnotising me to do his bidding. 

Either way, I’m hooked. You should be too.

Hopefully one of these links will work for you! (or just go buy the album!)

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